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Drivers for Change – Strengthen Capacity

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All people, organizations, and communities have capacity; however, capacity can be developed and strengthened. Capacity is more than skills, it refers to the people, approaches, and resources needed to achieve a goal. Capacity strengthening is a continuous process that includes:

Capacity strengthening approaches can focus on organizational culture change, cultural responsiveness, community partnerships, power analyses, anti-racism analyses, historical and political contexts, structural inequities, continuous quality improvement, customer service, and many other topics.

The uptake and impact of capacity strengthening depends on readiness. Readiness refers to the degree to which a group (e.g. organization, community, or team) is ready to take action on an issue. Readiness is issue-specific and can vary across a group or dimension of a problem. Understanding readiness is a crucial part of addressing an issue; once readiness is understood, strategies can be tailored to what a group is willing to accept and support.


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Further Reading / Additional resources

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Taking Equity-Minded Action to Close Equity Gaps by: Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux and Estela Mara Bensimon.
This article discusses the ‘equity problem’ in American higher education and the principles of equity-mindedness.

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Sample Tools

Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool – The Marguerite Casey Foundation,and%20learning%20tool%20for%20organizations.

Community Readiness Model and Assessment – Community Tool Box