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Drivers for Change – Utilize equitable recruitment, retention, and advancement practices

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Equitable hiring practices are a part of proactive measures to increase representation in the workplace. These practices help to identify and eliminate barriers that prevent access to jobs, meaningful workplace participation, advancement opportunities, promotions, and training for candidates who identify as Indigenous or members of equity-seeking groups. These practices acknowledge that these groups can face historical disadvantage, continued disproportionate levels of unemployment, underemployment, and barriers in the workplace. Beyond hiring, these practices are part of changing workplace culture so that members of these groups get jobs they are qualified to do and can fully participate in the workplace. Employment equity recognizes that barriers including racism, discrimination, bias, stereotypes, and assumptions can impede workforce entry and meaningful participation.

Examples of equitable hiring practices include fair assessments which provide all candidates with equal opportunities to demonstrate their qualifications, heightening awareness of personal and cultural biases that can influence assessment, and controlling for potential sources of bias during assessment.

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Further Reading / Additional resources

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The six principles for the fair assessment of all individuals and groups, describes personal and cultural biases that can influence assessment, outlines ways to increase awareness and control of these sources of potential bias and provides examples of applying the general principles of fair assessment to remove barriers to members of visible minorities and Aboriginal peoples.

Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook, 2018. City of Ottawa and City for All Women Initiative (CAWI)

Apply to your work – Recruiting and Hiring (page 38)

Sample Tools

Fairness Review Checklist for assessment tests and tools used during hiring by the Public Service Commission of Canada –

Employment equity: A tool kit for PSAC members

18 Ways We’ve Improved Our Hiring Process. COCo (the Centre for Community Organizations):