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Inequities are due in part to structural disadvantage and discrimination. An equity approach requires disrupting oppressive and discriminatory processes and structures. This includes intentional, proactive, and innovative solutions that make space for different ways of thinking and traditionally overlooked approaches. New and innovative solutions are needed to create a more equitable programs and services, community and system.

Adapted from:

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Further Reading / Additional resources

Pathways to Inclusive Innovation: Insights for Ontario and beyond. Authors: Diana Rivera and Sarah Villeneuve. Investigators: Amos Zehavi and Dan Breznitz. Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E)

A closer look at new ways policymakers, employers and stakeholders are pursuing innovation-driven economic goals, while ensuring workers are not left behind in the process.

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Peiffer, E. (2018, June 29). Equity in innovation: Four principles to ensure the benefits of technological advancements are broadly shared. Retrieved from – How Can We Develop Leadership and Support Innovation?