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Equity Framework – Intentional Practices

Equity Framework > Intentional Practices

This is a continuous and iterative process of reflection and reality checking to ensure equitable impact and sustainability through ongoing ownership and involvement.

Listen & Learn: engagement, data, research

Planning and decision making needs to include the expertise, wisdom, and experiences of rights holders, stakeholders, communities, and partners. Engaging groups, gathering data, and applying research with the intention to listen to and learn from their stories is a fundamental practice.

Be Responsive: outcomes, evaluation, reflection

In order to meet the needs and expectations of families, especially in times of change, responsiveness is needed in individual reflections and outcomes at the program, service, and systems levels. Action that is responsive to learnings from relationships, evaluation, and engagement is crucial to supporting equitable outcomes.

Taking Action: collaborative, aligned, sustainable

Taking collaborative, aligned, and sustainable action that is responsive to relationships and learnings is essential to move forward on equity goals. Taking action needs to occur in the context of being responsive, listening and learning, and building relationships.

Build Relationships: reciprocity, trust, resiliency

Working together to develop and maintain trusting and reciprocal relationships is key to supporting child & family well-being. Understanding and building resilient relationships at all levels is an ongoing part of the work to advance equity.