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Toronto is home to the largest number of recent immigrants of any Canadian city. In 2016, Toronto was home to 17.5% of all recent immigrants to Canada, while Toronto comprises 7.8% of the country’s population. Newcomer is an umbrella term to describe people who are settling in a new place. Statistics Canada defines newcomers as immigrants who arrived in Canada within the last five years. Some definitions use a timeframe of ten years (Statistics Canada – 2011 National Household Survey [1]. It represents a diversity of experiences for immigrants, refugees, permanent and temporary residents, and persons with precarious migration status. Settlement experiences are varied and complex, in part because newcomers to Canada represent many different social groups and identities [2][3]. Circumstances of departure and arrival, knowledge of official language, length of time in Canada, availability of and access to appropriate services, readiness of community to welcome immigrants, and other important factors influence settlement for newcomers [3]. Each family is unique and experiences settlement differently. Certain trends, however, affect a significant portion of families. For example, newcomer immigrant families are vulnerable to experiencing poverty, being in core housing need, and experiencing unemployment [4][5].


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