Student Achievement

What is it?

Student Achievement is based on the percent of Grade 3 and 6 students who score above or below provincial standards (Level 3) on province-wide assessments in Reading, Writing and Math.

Why is it important?

Basic literacy and numeracy learned during elementary school provide the foundation for learning in high school and beyond. Students who meet provincial standards early in their schooling tend to do well in secondary school. Students who fall below provincial standards in Reading, Writing or Math may not have mastered the skills expected at their grade level, as outlined in the Ontario Curriculum.

What does it mean?

Students in Toronto perform well on province-wide assessments. When compared to students in Ontario, students in Toronto were more likely to score above the provincial standard in all subjects except Grade 6 Reading, where the Ontario average was 79% compared to 78% in Toronto (EQAO, 2014). Figure 2 shows the percent of students in Toronto that were below provincial standards by subject and grade. Figure 1 shows the percent of students in each school that fell below provincial standard in Math. Schools in black had under 29% (the Toronto average) of students falling below the provincial standard, while schools with green dots had over 29% of students falling below provincial standard. Figure 3 shows that schools with more students living in low-income neighbourhoods had more students falling below the provincial standard in Reading. This pattern is reflected across all three subjects (not pictured).

Figure 1: Percent of students scoring below the provincial standard in Math, Grade 3, 2014