Support from Teachers

What is it?

Support from Teachers is based on Grade 7 and 8 TDSB students who self-reported that they had at least one teacher that they felt comfortable discussing problems with.

Why is it important?

High quality learning environments foster positive educational outcomes, and help create the conditions for children to flourish and achieve their personal learning goals. An integral aspect of quality learning environments is the relationship between the student and the instructor, which includes strong rapport and trust, and the responsiveness of the teacher to the student’s personal and learning needs. Children’s perceptions of their relationships with teachers are strong predictors of other education and learning outcomes, including participation in the classroom, enjoyment of learning, and achievement.

What does it mean?

Not all older children in Toronto feel comfortable discussing problems with all of their teachers. Of Grade 7 and 8 students, 89% felt they had at least one teacher they could discuss problems with, while 11% felt there were no teachers they would feel comfortable discussing a problem with. Figure 1 shows that the percent of children who have at least one teacher to discuss problems with varies across the City. Neighbourhoods in east Downtown have higher percentages of children receiving support from teachers. Figure 2 shows that students who have a teacher to discuss problems with were more likely feel they belong in school, that staff respect their background, that they receive adequate support, and score higher on emotional well-being.

Figure 1: Percent of students who receive support from teachers, TDSB (Grades 7 and 8), 2011