Vulnerable in emotional maturity

What is it?

Vulnerable in Emotional Maturity is based on the percent of Kindergarten children who scored below the vulnerability cut-off (6.0 out of 10) in areas of emotional development that include the ability to think before acting, an ability to deal with feelings, and empathetic response to other people.

Why is it important?

Children who are vulnerable in emotional development may have problems managing aggressive behavior, be prone to disobedience, inattentive, impulsive, or unable to show helping behavior towards other children. Vulnerability in emotional development in the early years can impact future school success, mental health, life satisfaction, social relationships and behaviour challenges into adolescence and adulthood.

What does it mean?

Children in Toronto are less vulnerable in Emotional Maturity as compared to Ontario as a whole. In 2014/15, 10.7% of children tested in Toronto were vulnerable in the Emotional Maturity domain as compared to 12.3% in Ontario. Figure 1 shows neighbourhoods across the City had a large range of vulnerability in Emotional Maturity. Figure 2 shows that neighbourhoods with a higher Inequities Score were slightly more likely to have children vulnerable in Emotional Maturity.

Figure 1: Percent of children who are vulnerable by neighbourhood, Toronto, 2014/15