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Raising The Village

Improving Outcomes for
Toronto’s Children and families.

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Raising the Village is an initiative of the Toronto Child & Family Network (TC&FN).

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Welcome to Raising the Village. Help us make Toronto the best place to grow up!

What’s New!

Explore 100+ indicators across the following outcomes. See how well children and families are doing in Toronto.

Child Outcomes

Physical Health & Development Mental Health & Social Development Learning & Education Rights & Opportunities Nurture & Care

Family Outcomes

Family Health Resilience & Support Lifelong Learning Financial Security Community & Culture

Indigenous Outcomes

Self Knowledge Strong Families Vibrant Communities Cultural Equity Self Determination

Use the neighbourhood dashboard. Understand child & family wellbeing in your community.

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Read the following in-depth reports and tools. Understand inequities and the broader context of growing up in Toronto.

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Child & Family Inequities Score

A summary measure at the neighbourhood level of the socioeconomic challenges that children and families experience.

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Child & Family Demographics

Information about the number of children and families living in Toronto, where they live, and other basic demographic data.

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Early Development Instrument (EDI)

A population measure of children’s ability to meet age-appropriate development expectations in Kindergarten.

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Equity Analysis Toolkit

Understanding differences in outcomes using disaggregated demographic data

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TDSB’s Student and Parent Census

A periodical system-wide survey on students’ demographics, in-school and out-of-school experiences, and well-being.

Learn about the Toronto Child & Family Network. Find out what they are doing to make Toronto the best place to grow up.

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Toronto Child & Family Network

The Toronto Child & Family Network (TC&FN) brings together the many systems and leaders that affect the lives of children and families.

The Challenges Of Growing Up In Toronto

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The Best Possible Start

Not all vulnerable children get the interventions and support they need for the best possible start in life.

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The Opportunity Gap

Not all children in Toronto have opportunities to participate in out-of-school activities.

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Making Room for Feelings

Mental health is a key determinant of overall health & development, yet continues to be overlooked.

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Road Blocks to Health

The ability for children and families to make healthy choices is constrained by factors beyond their control.

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The Learning Connection

Stronger networks and relationships can support the learning outcomes of Toronto’s children.

Discover resources and actions. Learn about how to improve child and family well-being

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Getting Started

A tutorial on Raising the Village, on how to find and use the available data and tools.

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From Data to Action

A guide for organizations, communities and system leaders on how to use Raising the Village data to take action.

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Resources for Families

Find information about children’s programs, services, activities and resources for parenting and pregnancy.

Developing Shared Outcomes

Measuring the Well-being of Children and Families in Toronto: Developing Shared Outcomes

Établir des des résultats communs

Indigenous outcomes report - cover page

Indigenous Outcomes

Measuring the Well-being of Children and Families in Toronto: Indigenous Outcomes