Raising the Village is an initiative of the Toronto Child & Family Network (TC&FN).

Raising the Village Reports

Developing Shared Outcomes

Measuring the Well-being of Children and Families in Toronto: Developing Shared Outcomes
Mesurer le bien-être des enfants et des familles à Toronto: Établir des Résultats Communs

Developing Shared Outcomes

Measuring the Well-being of Children and Families in Toronto: Indigenous Outcomes

Raising the Village FAQ

Below are a number of frequently asked questions about Raising the Village. If you have any additional questions please contact raisingthevillage@toronto.ca

1I don't know what neighbourhood I live in, where can I find this out?

Toronto has 140 neighbourhoods. You can search by address or place and view a listing of all neighbourhoods here.

2How were the child and family well-being outcomes chosen?

For information about the process for choosing the outcomes please refer to the Developing Shared Outcomes report.

3Who is the Toronto Child & Family Network?

The Toronto Child & Family Network (TC&FN) brings together the many systems and leaders that affect the lives of children and families including: Education, Health, Children's Aid, Public Health, Mental Health, Special Needs, Child Care, Family Support, Library, Recreation, and major funders. To learn more about the TC&FN please visit their webpage.

4I have data that I think is relevant and could be added to this website, who should I contact?

Raising the Village outcomes are considered population outcomes. This means they apply to the entire population of children and families in Toronto. The data we use to analyze these outcomes are at the population level rather than an individual level. Population outcomes can be distinguished from program outcomes, which focus on the impact that a particular program has on its participants. If the data is population level and relevant to the child and family outcomes, please contact raisingthevillage@toronto.ca

5How did you collect all of this data?

The data used in Raising the Village comes from a number of our partners around the Toronto Child & Family Network. None of the data is being collected solely for Raising the Village. This is data that is collected to inform policy and planning for various organizations that are part of the child and family system.

6Where can I learn more about the data sources used?

Information about all data sources is available on our Data Sources page.

7Do you do workshops or presentations?

We do! Raising the Village is meant to be a resource for the community to inform planning and decision making. If you have a team of staff that would like to be trained in person on how this data could be used to inform their work, please contact us at raisingthevillage@toronto.ca

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