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Physical Health & Development Main Physical Health & Development Healthy Lifestyle & Behaviours Screen timeActive transportation to schoolPhysical ExerciseHours of sleepTirednessUnhealthy EatingHealthy Eating Health Checks Physical health check-upDental check-upHearing testEyesight Test18-month Well Baby Visit Health Status & Disease Immunization complianceSelf-rated physical health Pregnancy, Births & Early Development Physical health & well-beingBreastfeedingLow Birth WeightSmoking During Pregnancy Mental Health & Social Development Main Mental Health & Social Development Emotional Well-being Ability to express feelingsSelf-regulationHappinessEmotional Maturity Social Well-being Discussing issues with friendsDifficulty making friendsBullyingLonelinessSelf-rated empathy and social skillsSocial competence Mental Health Ability to enjoy daily activitiesFeeling nervous or worriedBody imageWorrying about mental healthConfidence Learning & Education Main Learning & Education Attitudes Toward Learning Enjoying reading, writing and mathWorrying about school marksEnjoying school Early Development Communication and general knowledgeLanguage and cognitive development Skills and Success Achievement in school assessmentAcademic concernsPrepared for secondary schoolSelf-rated skills School Environment and Support Treated fairly at schoolBelonging to schoolComfortable reporting bullyingFeeling safe at schoolHelp with homeworkAdequate learning support at schoolDiscussing school issues with teachersFeeling cared about by teachers Rights & Opportunities Main Rights & Opportunities Rights and Access to Basic Needs Low-income childrenLearning about human rightsHunger Voice and Participation Teachers pay attention to the opinions of studentsComfortable participating in class activitiesComfortable giving opinions in classSupport from parents in course selectionInvolvement with life decisions Opportunities for Personal Development Participation in out-of-school activitiesParticipation in early learning & care Nurture & Care Main Nurture & Care Relationships with Parents Discussing personal issues with a parentParents take interestParents give praise Home Learning Environment Discussing school issues with a parentDifficulty finishing homework at home Safety Feeling safe to and from schoolFeeling safe in the community Family Health Main Family Health Healthy Home & Family Dynamic Caregiver heavy drinkingStudents worrying about family members Caregiver Mental Health Caregiver depressionCaregiver self-perceived mental healthCaregiver mental health barrier Caregiver Physical Health Caregiver self-perceived general health Health Services Regular health care providerHealth insuranceUnmet healthcare needs Resilience & Support Main Resilience & Support Stress & Coping Caregiver levels of stressStudent level of stressStudent ability to cope with difficulties Societal Resilience Students worrying about current eventsStudents feeling hopeful about the future Hardships & Transitions Families who recently movedFamilies experiencing homelessness Lifelong Learning Main Lifelong Learning Active in Child's Education Parents helping with homeworkParent involvement in school activities Caregiver Learning & Education Caregiver level of education Public Information and Technology Use Uses technology to learnChild library use Financial Security Main Financial Security Employment UnemploymentFamilies on Ontario Works Income Low-income families Material Well-being Students worrying about financial mattersCore housing need Community & Culture Main Community & Culture Community Participation & Belonging Caregiver sense of community belongingStudent participation in cultural activitiesStudent participation in volunteer activities Discrimination & Respect Parent discomfort at school because of identityTeachers respect student backgroundsDifferences among all people are respected at school Cultural Expression Student’s culture is included in class materialsOpportunities for students to express their cultureOpportunities for students to learn about their culture Self Knowledge Main Self Knowledge Strong Families Main Strong Families Vibrant Communities Main Vibrant Communities Cultural Equity Main Cultural Equity Self Determination Main Self Determination